32 Problems Only People Who Go Spinning Understand

“You will pry my Flywheel tank top with the cool braided back out of my cold, dead hands”

Coming out of hiding briefly to post this. Because it is too awesome not to post.

Do I relate to pretty much all 32 of these? Yes, I do. Are they hysterical? Yes, they are.

Cute stick figure picture courtesy of tri-ingtobeatheletic.com


Top 10 Spinning Songs of 2013

To celebrate getting my new kicks, I thought it’d be fun to compile a list of my favorite spinning songs from this year.

Spinning instructors out there, please weigh in on the type of drills these songs would be suited for. I could definitely be wrong!

[REVISED 12/31] And I just realized I was short one song for the 10. Oops! See that missing 10th song at the end of the list.

Avicii. Does this put you in the NYE spirit?