My wedding featured on the Love & Lavender blog!

Better late than never, right?

And when I say late, I mean like 8 months late. It turns out my wedding was featured on Love & Lavender — a daily wedding blog featuring rustic, vintage, whimsical, and outdoor weddings. So totally my speed.

Love and Lavender Logo

Homemade mice for cake toppers; playing games on the lawn

We are coming up on our 1-year anniversary so these bring back all those memories from last year (I choose to remember just the happy ones. Haha).

Thanks to the lovely Emily, my amazing photographer of Anna Delores Photography, and L&L’s editor-in-chief, Meredith!


2 months and 1 day later…

What do you get when you combine a beautiful venue and an amazing photographer?

christine & steve wedding-9363

At the Santa Barbara Courthouse

Needless to say, we loved seeing all our photos when we got the full set. And even though it’s been just 2 months, I’m already nostalgic. I might do a wedding day post a little later, and maybe put up a couple more photos, too.

Plus, Emily just blogged Part 2 of our (epic) engagement shoot. That was so fun!

Wedding DIY: Paperback book-covered flower jars – Vintage-styled centerpieces

photo (52)

My friend Zee came over after a morning hike yesterday to help me craft for my upcoming wedding. More accurately, I shared my vision with her, borrowing from this idea, and she executed all of them with laser-focused efficiency (thanks, Zee!). While she was doing that, I was busy cutting tiny fabric circles to make these (to be blogged in a separate post soon).

photo (53)

Zee’s handiwork – 14 drying jars

photo (50)

profile shot

photo (49)

ready for its close-up

How it’s doneĀ 

We tore the pages out of a paperback book, halved them, and Mod Podged the edges onto 32-oz Mason jars. Let them dry. Then I hot-glued the ribbon to one side of the paper doily heart and glued it to the jar. Once that was affixed, I glued the other side (ribbon, then heart) into place.