“iFrames are so 1990s”

In my SEO research I came across this highly technical post about cookie stuffing from Digiterati Marketing (a UK SEO blog). And a visual depiction of how the author feels about iFrames.

Picard knows.

That explains it all, doesn’t it?


If only I’d heard about this a day earlier…


Well, yesterday was an eventful day. I got up early, but still managed to be behind schedule, for the So Cal UX Camp. On the way, I hit a speed trap on the 60E. The kicker about the whole thing is that I shouldn’t even have been on the 60E in the first place, but stayed on the 5S. Google Maps confounded me again with their overly detailed directions. Let’s take a closer look at that fateful step:

From Google Maps: “Keep left to continue on I-5 S, follow signs for Soto St/Santa Ana/State Hwy 60 E/Pomona

What does this mean? Well, in true Google Maps fashion (convoluted), it means stay on the 5. But in my hurry (and poorly-made decision to not carefully study the map), I read it as “Get on the 60E.” As a result, I got seriously waylaid and on top of getting that speeding ticket I was about an hour and a half late.

Anyway, So Cal UX Camp was another good event. I met a designer who told me about a crowd-sourced mapping and traffic app that she swears by. I checked it out this morning and boy, am I sold. I almost want a smartphone right now so I can start using it right away. Yes, I’m one of the few people left who does not yet own a smartphone (!)

The day gradually picked up after that stressful morning. After the event, I headed to Newport Beach to meet with a flower wholesaler and ended up booking my wedding flowers. And on the way home, I stopped by here at the Outlets in Orange for some retail therapy. I think that might be the only store where shoe shopping is not chaotic, pointless, or all-around dreadful.

Well, at least I have a pretty tuberose bouquet here on the dining table that the florist made for me to take home yesterday.


Then vs. now, in games

I love how the "games now" pic is military-style since all popular video games these days are 1st person shooters

One slide from @KunalDPatel’s presentation at the IxDA LA Interaction13 Redux event. Full presentation can be found here.

I love how the “games now” pic is in military style since all popular video games these days are basically military-themed 1st person shooters.