My favorite scene in My Neighbor Totoro

…is the bus stop scene. How great is the reveal of Totoro (from Satsuki’s perspective)?

In rewatching the movie (it looks great in HD, by the way), I was reminded of why I love this movie so much. Love how serene it is. Love that it’s fantastical yet still grounded. Love that the movie on the whole has a very light touch, so that the emotional moments have real impact. It was also a great decision on Miyazaki’s part to make Totoro (and the mini-Totoros) non-speaking. And we all know a little kid who reminds us of Mei, right?


“If You Build It” Project H documentary screening in LA

Today’s post is a little bit different.

Several months ago I went to a UXPA LA event and was introduced to Studio H, the 2013 IxDA Future Voice Award winner.

The idea of the class is to empower kids by having them design and construct actual projects (from coffee makers to chicken coops to farmers markets), in the process learning architecture, industrial design, business concepts, research, and community organizing in a very hands-on way. Studio H launched in a rural area of North Carolina called Bertie County and is now housed in Berkeley, CA.

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