Top 10 Spinning Songs of 2013

To celebrate getting my new kicks, I thought it’d be fun to compile a list of my favorite spinning songs from this year.

Spinning instructors out there, please weigh in on the type of drills these songs would be suited for. I could definitely be wrong!

[REVISED 12/31] And I just realized I was short one song for the 10. Oops! See that missing 10th song at the end of the list.

Avicii. Does this put you in the NYE spirit?

Closer – Tegan & Sara

For: Warm up Hills / Jumps
I talked about this song in an earlier post and realized shortly thereafter it’d work for spinning.

Midnight Scrubs – TLC vs. M83

For: Jumps
The 1st time I heard the intro, I thought, Oh cool, Midnight City! Then it led into TLC. It works. And you can download it for free, too.

Shot at the Night – The Killers
For: Sprints / Intervals
Really great build. I’m not exactly a Killers fan, but for some reason, when I hear this song in class, it gives me the happy-to-be-alive-and-spinning feeling.

Wake Me Up – Avicii
For: Sprints
I keep waiting for the day I’ll get sick of this song but it has yet to happen. Apparently there’s a mashup of this and Men at Work called Wake Up Down Under.

Clarity – Zedd (ft Foxes)
For: Sprints
Every time I hear this song, I think of my favorite spin instructor, Erica, and how she told us the 1st time she included this song in her playlist, everyone in her class got Personal Bests. The build to the chorus is really something.

Alive – Empire of the Sun (Zedd remix)
For: Seated climbs
Bass! Beat! Remix!

Out of my League – Fitz and the Tantrums
For: Standing climbs
It’s just so fun.

Falling – Haim
For: Hills
I like the beat and the pop sensibility.

Counting Stars – OneRepublic
For: Seated climbs / Intervals
Good steady beat.

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness
For: Jogs
This one takes me right to the summer of 2013 – a scant 4 months ago. I like that there’s a song out there that captures post-summer blues.

What are some of your favorite songs to hear in class? I’m considering putting together a playlist of my favorite spin songs, ever. That would be a bigger project!

p.s. While researching for this post, I came across this awesome site dedicated to spinning music. What a great resource! Super comprehensive.