Wedding DIY: Paperback book-covered flower jars – Vintage-styled centerpieces

photo (52)

My friend Zee came over after a morning hike yesterday to help me craft for my upcoming wedding. More accurately, I shared my vision with her, borrowing from this idea, and she executed all of them with laser-focused efficiency (thanks, Zee!). While she was doing that, I was busy cutting tiny fabric circles to make these (to be blogged in a separate post soon).

photo (53)

Zee’s handiwork – 14 drying jars

photo (50)

profile shot

photo (49)

ready for its close-up

How it’s done 

We tore the pages out of a paperback book, halved them, and Mod Podged the edges onto 32-oz Mason jars. Let them dry. Then I hot-glued the ribbon to one side of the paper doily heart and glued it to the jar. Once that was affixed, I glued the other side (ribbon, then heart) into place.


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