I agree, Todd. Thank you!

Todd VanDerWerff from AV Club makes a thorough and well-thought out argument for ABC Family to just renew Bunheads already.

My favorite part:

“…the best argument to make at this point is the qualitative one: This show is so good that ABC Family should renew it simply on those grounds. TV history is littered with one-season wonders, but it’s got even more shows that started out slowly in season one and were renewed by gutsy network execs who either really liked the show or saw the potential for growth in it, against all odds. Some—CheersSeinfeldGilmore Girls—went on to be hits for their networks, while some—Better Off TedBoomtownEnlightened—didn’t manage that trick. But all of those shows and many more that made it to unlikely second seasons have something in common: They made the qualitative argument first, giving them more time to make the quantitative one.”

Yes, exactly. Thank you. I cannot agree with this enough.


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