A little late, but a fun infographic on facebook’s IPO debacle

Bad data was behind it. Infographic courtesy of ObservePoint, a web analytics auditing firm.
I love data, and I love data humor. But I love poking fun at facebook and their inimitable greed even more.



Is it obvious yet that I like infographics?


Happy Mother’s Day!

roses and mini calla lilies

For my mom, along with a 10″ tres leches cake and over a dozen other pastries from Portos (I should have taken a picture of those, huh?)

another view

Like my arrangement?

Trader Joe’s has a great flower selection. I like to buy 2 or 3 flower types and arrange myself, though some of their own arrangements aren’t bad either.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! This blog has been plaguing me with guilt due to my lack of updates.