An Open Letter to ABC Family: Please don’t kill ‘Bunheads’

Just submitted this on the ABC Family site using their contact form. I’m also working on a write-up of the show. Coming soon!

Dear ABC Family,

I’m not usually one to beg, but I will gladly do that and more to save my favorite show on TV right now (well, recently concluded), ‘Bunheads.’ Amy Sherman-Palladino has a rabidly loyal following, which you may have already discovered (and if you haven’t, check out the comments section in the AV Club’s TV Classics coverage of ‘Gilmore Girls’), and her fans will not desert the show—so thrilled will they be to see it come back.

I love so many things about the show:
– That it’s a show about ballet with real dancers who can act that’s not a musical, straight comedy, or reality competition format. And the dance numbers are gorgeous and original.
– The lightness. Which stands in stark contrast to a lot of teen (and adult) fare in the TV universe these days.
– The way it tackles female relationships in an authentic way. I can’t think of another show that is quite as successful as ‘Bunheads’ in doing this.

‘Bunheads’ looks and sounds different than any other show on your network, or on TV, for that matter; and you would break many hearts, including mine, if you pulled this show off the air. Please don’t do it! Give the show a second season.

A hopeful fan


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